Welcome to KAZOKU Tiles: Your Comprehensive Installation and Maintenance Guide

Initial Inspection and Preparation:
Before initiating your tile installation, meticulously examine your delivery. Should any concerns arise, kindly notify us immediately and prior to any laying. No claims relating to incorrect supply will be accepted post installation. Our Japanese tiles are presented on either paper-faced sheets or mesh. For mosaic tiles faced with paper, adhere to the following steps for proper removal.

Installation Procedures:
Installing our tiles is a straightforward process. Commence by evenly spreading tile adhesive across your designated surface area. For mosaic tiles mounted on mesh, it is imperative to ensure the mesh backing adheres firmly to the tiles. Press the mosaic sheets firmly into the adhesive, guaranteeing optimal contact and alignment.

As you progress with laying your tiles from your chosen starting point, meticulous attention to uniform spacing and alignment is paramount.

Post-Installation Paper Removal from face of tiles:
Once the adhesive has set post-installation, proceed to remove the paper facing from the tiles. Gently moisten the paper with a sponge to loosen its adhesive bond. Warm water will assist with loosening the bond. Carefully peel away the paper, taking care not to damage the mosaic pieces. After paper removal, cleanse the tile surface thoroughly to remove any remaining adhesive residue.

Upon completion of installation, it's imperative to conduct thorough cleaning to eliminate any adhesive or grout residue from the tile surface. Repeat this process 2-3 times post-installation to ensure all traces of glue or residue from the paper or grout are entirely eradicated.

Grout Strategies:
Selecting an appropriate grout color significantly impacts your desired aesthetic. We advocate for choosing a grout color that harmonises with your tiles. Should you require guidance in grout color selection, our team is readily available to assist you.

Prepare your grout to the recommended consistency and diligently fill all joints. Exercise caution when grouting paper-faced mosaic tiles to prevent grout seepage between individual mosaic pieces. Once the grout is nearly dry, cleanse the tiles with water, eschewing the use of acid-based detergents.

Effective Maintenance and Cleaning:
Maintaining the pristine condition of your tiles is essential. Utilise a mild soap solution for routine cleaning. For tenacious stains or residues, suitable cleaning solutions are available. We recommend Aqua Mix Australia for all general cleaning and problem solving products for KAZOKU Mosaic tiles.

Our Japanese tiles present versatile options for installation on various surfaces. The meticulous selection of grout color is pivotal for a seamless finish. We stand ready to guide you through this process. Follow these instructions diligently to ensure your tiles are installed, grouted, and maintained impeccably.

Your Definitive Guide to Installation and Maintenance: